9 No Money November Struggles Only Told Through GIFs

Unfortunately, No Money November is drawing to a close, but not to worry because Still in Debt December is right on the horizon. Just in time for the most joyous, money sucking holiday of them all.


If you’re reading this blog because your hoping for a cure to the broke bitch breakdown you’re currently having because NYC is so goddamn expensive, this probably isn’t the outlet for you. However, until we’re making it rain with hundreds, we have every right to vent our frustration. I figured the only way I could capture the real struggle of being broke in your twenties during the brink of the holidays is through GIFs, as it’s a lot more entertaining and a tad less depressing of a reality check. Let’s give it a try…

1. This is how you feel when the only reason you’re excited for Thanksgiving is because it’s probably the first real meal you’ll be consuming since the last time you visited home. Whoops.

Food first

2. When you realize all of the people you have to buy Christmas presents for this year…


3. When you start receiving cards and gifts from friends and family in the mail and a piece of you to dies inside because you know you’ll have to send them something in return to be polite.


4. When you hate people but need to save money so you make the trip out to the mall on Black Friday A.K.A. the day from hell, hoping to save money on gifts for your 15 cousins, 10 friends from school, 5 friends from home, uncles, aunts, mom, dad, brother, sister…are you ready to hurl just yet?


5. When you accidentally re-gift to the original gifter…(a silent exit is probably the most acceptable action at that point)


6. When your friends want to go out to dinner before the holiday break but you’re still reluctant to treat yourself…


7. When it feels like the ATM is mocking you.







8. When you see the prices on the Starbucks holiday drink menu and you’re thinking for that price the sh*t better be sprinkled with 24-carat gold sprinkles


9. And when you’re low key stressing because you realize your halfway through the year, graduating soon, still making minimum wage, student loan bills are going to start rolling in and you have no effing clue what you want to do with your life.


Many say that money doesn’t buy happiness, and I don’t know about you, but if I had more money I’d be a hell of a lot happier! But hey, as I always say, this too shall pass and one can only hope that as our age increases, so does the size of our wallets.

Until next time…

Xo, Broke & Bothered.


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