How Us Gals Really Feel About Catcallers

Living in NYC, especially as a woman, means you’ve probably had some truly disgusting comments thrown your way. And living in a place where you’re forced to walk, subway, or bus it almost anywhere you go, it’s nearly impossible to steer clear of unnecessary and disrespectful comments from construction workers and drug addicts roaming the streets, or the infamous cat caller on wheels (bike, skates, or in a car). Perfection.


It seems as if catcalling has become some type of competitive sport these days, with dedicated “waste of my time” asshats working overtime to make sure that women feel like they aren’t entitled to walk around city streets (or anywhere else for that matter) without hearing unsolicited comments about their appearance, sexual desirability, or whether they’d look prettier if they smiled.


If wearing a down coat in February makes you think that I’m seeking attention while walking home from work, you have some serious issues. I’ve heard it all. Everything from “Damn Mami, let me get some of that” and “That ass” to “Hey baby, lemme take you home tonight” and other ones that are way too foul to say, even for this blog. I don’t believe in violence (well, kinda), but honestly, I’d like to smack them upside the head and ask them how they’d feel if someone talked to their daughter like that. I don’t care what your “packing,” I’m NOT interested. k?

3eaef960-0c72-0133-45c2-0a2ca390b447Dear nice guys who just wanted to say hi, the a**holes ruined it for you. Try policing your friends and then maybe we can talk in hm, I don’t know, 5 years or so? #Thanks.

If a man wants to approach you and tell you how amazing you look, you deserve to be told in with respect. You’re not an animal, so there’s absolutely no reason why you should be getting treated like one. But for now, I suggest ignoring them all together. These sickos won’t stop and they don’t deserve the satisfaction of a response, so don’t even waste your energy. You’re sexy AF and the only person you need to be telling you that is YOU.


Stay safe out there ladies…

Xo, Broke & Bothered


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