10 Apps Every New Yorker Needs in Their Life

Us New Yorkers are pretty spoiled if you ask me. We’re so accustomed to being able to get anything we want, whenever we want it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You name it, anything from liquor to food can be delivered to our door step in under an hour, (sometimes) free of charge. But hey, with the amount of walking we do in a day, we deserve to have that sh*t delivered from time to time!

Where's my food, bitch?

The hustle and bustle of New York City can be daunting for some. And if you’re going to survive you’ll need to adapt to your surroundings. That’s why I’m here, to give you the top 10 apps every New Yorker needs to download in order to make your lives 1000% easier. Come on, I see all ya’ll walking the cross walk buried in your phones. Use that sh*t for something useful! FREE OF CHARGE.

Honey Boo Boo Loves Her Phone


1. SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder

Gotta Pee!

There is nothing worse then going out for the day and having to go to the bathroom. More often then not, the place that you are in doesn’t let anyone use their bathrooms. Awesome, I know. But guess what, there’s an app for that! Download SitOrSquat by Charmin to search, view, rate and add public restrooms to help you, your friends and others enjoy the go, on the go. #GENIUS.

2. Type n Walk

type n walk app

Every day if not every other day I find myself walking into people that are texting on their phones and not watching where they’re going. I can’t prevent them from getting hit by a car in the future, but I can tell them to download Type n Walk. Type n Walk allows you to type onto your camera’s screen while it shows you what’s ahead in the screen’s background.

3. ShopDrop

Do you suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when you miss out on a sale at your favorite store? If the answer is yes, ShopDrop is for you. It sends you alerts whenever you’re in the vicinity of a store that has a great sale going on. From providing updates on sample sales to discounts at chains like Anthropologie, American Apparel, Express, H&M, Brooks Brothers, Free People and more. FYI – It’s dangerously addicting, shopaholics beware.


4. Drizly

drizly appYou can get pretty much everything else delivered in New York, so why not booze? Drizly brings booze to your door while you sit on the couch. How did you survive before its existence? #AlcoholicsUnite #DrinkUp


5. Venmo

If you haven’t downloaded this by now, I have NO idea what you’re waiting for. It’s the best invention of all time. There’s always that one friend that says they’ll pay you back and never does because 1) They forgot or 2) They hope you forget. Venmo is a simple way to fix that. The app allows you to pay anyone instantly using money you have in Venmo or link a bank account or debit card in seconds. Perfect for splitting dinner checks and cab rides!


6. The Next Move by Urban Daddy

Sex and the City

Perfect for you party animals, The Next Move by UrbanDaddy guides users to the latest hot spots with a unique real-time “concierge engine” providing nightlife enthusiasts with a tool to find the most relevant experiences in their city in real time. The Next Move allows consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for by establishing the “what,” “where,” “when,” “why” and “who” that goes into almost every decision that involves going out.

7. Seamless


Chances are you’ve used Seamless from your desktop. But, you should know there’s an app too! You’ll realize its full potential when you choose to order dinner from a cab, or find an occasional wifi signal on the subway, and just as you arrive home, the delivery guy shows up with your sushi and tacos. BOOM.


Coffee AddictA bottomless cup of coffee. Really. The CUPS app gets you great deals on coffee drinks at independent shops all over the city at several subscription levels and allows you to get your coffee, food, and tip your barista all in one place. YAAAAS.

9. Happy

Party Hardy

Need a stiff drink and need it fast? Consider the Happy app your personal stopwatch for any-hour-happy-hour at select bars in your favorite hoods from the East Village and LES to Williamsburg and Fort Greene. Just open the app, check-in to the bar and hit the “start” button for discounted beverages. #happyanyhour



10. Exit Strategy NYC

How frustrating is it when you end up picking the subway car that’s furthest from the exit or transfer you need to make? Exit Strategy is here to the rescue. This genius app tells you exactly where on the platform you should board the train.

I hope this list has been helpful. Some more dope apps include: Roomi, Smacktive, Cover and Blockfeed. If you haven’t downloaded a single app after reading this post I assume you like to make life harder on yourself, but that’s on you sucka!

Until next time…

Xo, Broke & Bothered


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