7 of the Best Happy Hour Spots in NYC

Oh boy do New Yorkers love their “happy hours.” It’s that delightful window of time before dinner when many bars and restaurants drop their prices on wine, beer and cocktails in an attempt to lure in the post-work crowds. And IT WORKS. You would be surprised the things some New Yorkers will do to save a buck or two. But we have every right to do so. It’s stupid expensive to live here.

With that being said, here is a list of happy hour spots you need to try after work this week…

1. Cooper’s Craft and Kitchen – Weekdays 4–7pm 

This spot offers $5 select drafts (from IPAs to stouts to ciders), and foodgasmic specials like $1 fish tacos on Mondays and $12 burger-and-beer on Tuesdays. There are also $7 house-liquor mixed drinks and $7 select wine (including a rosé).

2. El Cantinero Mexican Cantina, Greenwich Village

GET YOUR FAT PANTS READY. Mexican food is all you can eat for $11.95 on Mondays and Thursdays. After you’ve eaten away your dignity, head to the second floor where drinks are just $4 during the all-night happy hours. Friday and Saturday happy hour starts at 5 p.m.

3. Jeremy’s Ale House, Financial District

Trying to channel you inner frat boy? Well then this dive bar is the place for you. Starting at 8am, yes that’s 8am, 32-ounce styrofoam cups of Bud go for $1.75.

4. Niagara, Lower East Side

Typically heavy-handed on the tequila, topped with extra cherries, or hung with plastic monkey drink decorations, their frozen margs will get you #messy. Everyday until 8pm, draft beer and wine go for $4 and well liquor and frozen drinks go for $5 a pop. Perfect for a brunch pre-game or your next regret-filled night out.

5. Turtle Bay, Midtown East

I LOVE THIS PLACE. They offer drink specials every single day of the week all of which run until 8pm. Tuesdays are $2 PBR, $1 beers on Wednesdays & $20-$25 open bar on Thursdays. Plus, they have dope music & a ninja turtle that walks around to pump up the party.

6. The Stumble Inn, Upper East Side

Stumble on in to The Stumble Inn in the UES and grab a beer or 10 for $2.50 each from 11:30am-7pm (every day except Sunday when they start at 12pm).

7. Mezetto, Lower East Side

UGH. This spot offers a week-long bottomless brunch deal that runs from 10am-4pm. You’re allotted a 1.5 hr block to chug as many mimosas & bellinis until you can no longer stand. Also, this joint offers bottomless sangria with dinner Sunday through Thursday, should you have the urge to return (which I’m sure you will).

Let me know your favorite happy hour spots below!

Happy Chugging.

Xo, Broke & Bothered.




10 Things Most New Yorkers Do. Do You?

There are regular people and then there are New Yorkers. You won’t realize you turned into one until your on your way to work in the morning and realize how short-tempered you are after flipping off the cab driver that almost hit you and contemplating throwing herself in front of one to get out of work that day…Or is that just me? Well, these are 10 things MOST New Yorkers do & how we act, or OVERreact. Because we can.

  1. Asking our friends how much they pay for rent

2. Waiting on line to binge on bagels after a night of excessive drinking

3. Cursing, like A LOT.

4. Having a very versatile wardrobe of every shade of black

5. Complaining about spending money but going out anyway

6. Instagramming every rooftop view because obviously everyone wishes they were us

7. Talking about how we can’t wait for winter during the summer

8. And then complaining how we wish it was summer

9. Blaming our lateness on public transportation even though we really just couldn’t pick out an outfit and wanted to get Starbucks before work.

10. Avoiding eye contact at all times

Overall, we’re the sweetest b*tches you’ll ever meet. Just follow the proper New Yorker etiquette and there’s a 99.9% chance we’ll spare you any eye rolls.

Good luck!

Xo, Broke & Bothered.

5 Toursity Things Every New Yorker Needs to Do At Least Once

Walking in Times Square has its own unique form of misery, but there are countless reasons why the Big Apple is such a popular travel destination in the first place. And by ignoring things that we consider “only for tourists,” we could be selling ourselves and our city short. This is why I gathered a quick list of things us NYers need to cross off our bucket list because hey, there’s a first time for everything and you really have no excuse, so shut up and listen.

  1. Have brunch with Lady Liberty

Even though she’s right in our background, many New Yorkers are guilty of never visiting the Statue of Liberty. Can you really even call yourself a New Yorker if you haven’t made your rounds on Ellis Island once or twice?

Seriously, you need to take a selfie with her. Like yesterday. The best city in the world has history and ya’ll need to familiarize yourselves before saying you’re a “proud New Yorker.”

2.  Take in a Broadway show

Going to see a Broadway show isn’t in the budget? Totally understandable. But, if you’re one of the fortunate ones that have money coming out your you know what, what’s your real excuse for not going? I mean, you can always mail the tickets to me, or donate to my GoFundMe page…But anyway, Broadway shows are world-renowned for a reason, and once they take your breath away, you’ll know why too.

3. Eat your heart out in Little Italy

Chicken parm, spaghetti, cannoli’s, CARBS. Take home a piece of Little Italy with treats from the old-school Di Palo’s Fine Foods and Parisi Bakery because not everyone in the city expects you to be supermodel skinny. That’s why we all wear black #duh.

4. Sing the Rangers’ goal song with 18,200 of your closest friends at MSG

There’s nothing like a Rangers Game at MSG and if you have some time, walk the halls to view the historical photos of celebs and events that have graced the Garden throughout the years. And if you’re not into sports, there are concerts like every other night. Literally. So get on that.

5. Slow the f*ck down & take a tour of Grand Central Station


If you’re anything like me, you’re ALWAYS in a rush, even when you’re not. So when I see people stopped in the middle of Grand Central staring at the ceiling, I just want to barrel into them with my suitcase and tell them to get out of my way. But instead of being a coldhearted b*tch, maybe I should see what they are looking at for a change. I mean it is over 100 years old and now houses five restaurants and cocktail lounges, a Dining Concourse, and 50 shops. Cool? Or nah.

Of course there are hundreds of other things to do in NYC, but this list is just a quick inspiration to start your journey around the greatest and dirtiest city in the world. Stay safe out there peeps & happy exploring.

Xo, Broke & Bothered.




Why Some Manhattanites Never Venture Out to Brooklyn

Let’s be honest, most Manhattanites (especially recent inhabitants) don’t go to Brooklyn unless they want to see the view from DUMBO, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, or go to Smorgasburg for some ramen burgers & truffle fries. It’s like a whole new world to them.

Some Manhattanites think that the only reason people live in Brooklyn is because they cant afford Manhattan, and although that might have a slight ring of truth, it doesn’t make the commute to Manhattan for Sunday Brunch any more riveting. That being said, depending on where you’re headed in Brooklyn, the commute could be a total b*tch to deal with.

And it’s probably best not to pre-game before going out there because more often then not your buzz will be gone before you get there, undoubtedly. So that means its time to stock up on those to-go flasks because this is obviously a state of emergency.

Walking between neighborhoods in Manhattan is totally doable, with the right shoes and maybe a mild sprain of an ankle. Walking between neighborhoods in Brooklyn is known as “calling a car service” or getting on a subway line that crawls at a snail’s pace between stops.

You thought you hated Brooklyn because it seduced everybody with its oh so charming ways, I know. But now the same forces that ruined Manhattan for young creative people—the greedy developers & overpriced rent—are coming to destroy Brooklyn too! It’s just a matter of time. #BROKElyn

Until next time.

Xo, Broke & Bothered

5 Things You Need to Know About FIT Students

There are many cliches and stereotypes that go along with going to one of the top fashion schools in the country, and as a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), I feel obligated to clear some things up. So here we go:

1. – We’re not ALL studying fashion

From Toy Design, Graphic Design and Interior Design to Entrepreneurship and Advertising & Marketing Communications, many of the majors offered at FIT have NOTHING to do with fashion. Sure, some of us may want to end up in the fashion industry and/or care about our appearances, but that’s certainly not all that FIT has to offer, so get it straight.

Duh GIF2. We’re not all from Long Island or NYC

During freshman orientation I thought I was missing out on something because everyone was already in their cliques in the cafeteria. It felt like a scene from Mean Girls (ok, maybe not that harsh), but it wasn’t long before I realized everyone in those cliques went to the same high school together on Long Island. Ahhh, so the puzzle pieces finally fit. Don’t get me wrong, most of my best friends here at FIT live on Long Island, but it may just take a while until your cool enough to join the crew.

P.S. – As a side note, if you’re one of those people that think Westchester is “Upstate” you’re living in a bubble and need to get your sh*t together. New York is freaking HUGE and NYC is a very tiny tiny section of the bigger picture that is New York State. Oh, and not everything above the city is farm country, ok? Moving on…

3. We’re not all models

I feel like if you go to FIT, it’s a requirement to either be a signed model, a famous blogger, straight up killin’ the Instagram game with your fabulousness, or doing all three at once. Again, this is not the case, or maybe I’m just not as legit as I thought I was and should’ve chose a different career path.

4. We’re not all fashion design students

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone home for breaks and ran into people from high school and they’re like, “Girl, can you sew me a dress?” or “What types of clothes do you design?” Listen people, FIT is divided into two schools: 1) Business & Technology and 2) Art & Design. It’s a very simple concept. I can’t draw anything more impressive than a stick figure, let alone sew a button on straight so stop with your assumptions. However, I do have so much respect for the fashion design students out there, ya’ll are amazingly talented. Keep doing the damn thang.

5. We’re way more creative than the look of our school


Unfortunately, the look of our school is an embarrassment and I won’t even get into the fact that the Fashion Institute of “Technology” is guaranteed to be the least technologically advanced college in the country. Sorry FIT, I still love you though (kind of). But in all honesty, with the herds of innovative and creative people that walk these halls every day, it’s a damn shame that the talent of its students is in no way reflected on the architecture or maintenance of this campus.

Just speaking the truth ya’ll! Of course, this post is the reflection of one innocent FIT student and her surroundings, so I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Thanks for reading (and sharing)!

Xo, Broke & Bothered

4 Reasons Why Winter in NYC is the Season from Hell

Twice a year, every year, New Yorkers are forced to ask themselves the same question: “Why the hell do I live here?” I mean there are really only two seasons in NYC: summer and winter, and they’re both completely unbearable for most of their obnoxious stay.


 I mean it feels like just yesterday I was sunbathing in Central Park, feeling guilty for staying inside half the time. Now that it’s getting colder, I feel myself slowly slipping into my hibernation stage of denial, realizing that it could be snowing during our Spring Break – 4 MONTHS from now. The worst has yet to come and I’ll never be ready.


So what do we have to look forward to? Pretty much nothing and here’s why…

  1. It’s essentially impossible to look cute

Picking out a cute sweater and boots used to be a fashion statement, but when it gets down to below freezing temps, choosing the right clothing becomes a life-or-death survival strategy.

Reality part 22. Public transportation is a bust

In the winter months, the overall commuter mood takes a turn for the worst. Everything is effing frozen, so the trains get delayed. When trains take longer, hordes of angry people accumulate. If it wasn’t bad enough that you even had to get out of bed to wad your way through the Arctic Tundra, now you have to squeeze your way onto a packed train of miserable, putrid smelling humans.

3. Icy sidewalk sludge puddles from hell

Negative wind chills and navigating ice and snow carry their own unique form of misery. Negotiating the massive street corner slush lakes has become a New York winter staple. But I didn’t choose this life, I didn’t choose for my daily commutes to turn into Arctic expeditions. I lived in New York my whole life and will never get used to this shit.

4. It NEVER ends

The days are getting longer and my patience is wearing thin. It is during these times, when we endure months of winter knowing we still have months left to go, that even the strongest souls can be broken. But there’s always that one friend that says how much they love winter and I just sit there thinking how one person could enjoy feeling numb from below freezing wind chills and falling knee-deep in street corner slush puddles. But I have a message for those people…


All I have to say is – GOD SPEED. Oh, and don’t forget to tip your Seamless delivery bike riders A.K.A. the superheroes who bravely endure the hell trek to our studio “hibernation cave” apartments all to fill our bellies with the necessary carbs and comfort to distract us from the outside world. You the real MVP.

See you on the the flip side.

Xo, Broke & Bothered


10 Apps Every New Yorker Needs in Their Life

Us New Yorkers are pretty spoiled if you ask me. We’re so accustomed to being able to get anything we want, whenever we want it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You name it, anything from liquor to food can be delivered to our door step in under an hour, (sometimes) free of charge. But hey, with the amount of walking we do in a day, we deserve to have that sh*t delivered from time to time!

Where's my food, bitch?

The hustle and bustle of New York City can be daunting for some. And if you’re going to survive you’ll need to adapt to your surroundings. That’s why I’m here, to give you the top 10 apps every New Yorker needs to download in order to make your lives 1000% easier. Come on, I see all ya’ll walking the cross walk buried in your phones. Use that sh*t for something useful! FREE OF CHARGE.

Honey Boo Boo Loves Her Phone


1. SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder

Gotta Pee!

There is nothing worse then going out for the day and having to go to the bathroom. More often then not, the place that you are in doesn’t let anyone use their bathrooms. Awesome, I know. But guess what, there’s an app for that! Download SitOrSquat by Charmin to search, view, rate and add public restrooms to help you, your friends and others enjoy the go, on the go. #GENIUS.

2. Type n Walk

type n walk app

Every day if not every other day I find myself walking into people that are texting on their phones and not watching where they’re going. I can’t prevent them from getting hit by a car in the future, but I can tell them to download Type n Walk. Type n Walk allows you to type onto your camera’s screen while it shows you what’s ahead in the screen’s background.

3. ShopDrop

Do you suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when you miss out on a sale at your favorite store? If the answer is yes, ShopDrop is for you. It sends you alerts whenever you’re in the vicinity of a store that has a great sale going on. From providing updates on sample sales to discounts at chains like Anthropologie, American Apparel, Express, H&M, Brooks Brothers, Free People and more. FYI – It’s dangerously addicting, shopaholics beware.


4. Drizly

drizly appYou can get pretty much everything else delivered in New York, so why not booze? Drizly brings booze to your door while you sit on the couch. How did you survive before its existence? #AlcoholicsUnite #DrinkUp


5. Venmo

If you haven’t downloaded this by now, I have NO idea what you’re waiting for. It’s the best invention of all time. There’s always that one friend that says they’ll pay you back and never does because 1) They forgot or 2) They hope you forget. Venmo is a simple way to fix that. The app allows you to pay anyone instantly using money you have in Venmo or link a bank account or debit card in seconds. Perfect for splitting dinner checks and cab rides!


6. The Next Move by Urban Daddy

Sex and the City

Perfect for you party animals, The Next Move by UrbanDaddy guides users to the latest hot spots with a unique real-time “concierge engine” providing nightlife enthusiasts with a tool to find the most relevant experiences in their city in real time. The Next Move allows consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for by establishing the “what,” “where,” “when,” “why” and “who” that goes into almost every decision that involves going out.

7. Seamless


Chances are you’ve used Seamless from your desktop. But, you should know there’s an app too! You’ll realize its full potential when you choose to order dinner from a cab, or find an occasional wifi signal on the subway, and just as you arrive home, the delivery guy shows up with your sushi and tacos. BOOM.


Coffee AddictA bottomless cup of coffee. Really. The CUPS app gets you great deals on coffee drinks at independent shops all over the city at several subscription levels and allows you to get your coffee, food, and tip your barista all in one place. YAAAAS.

9. Happy

Party Hardy

Need a stiff drink and need it fast? Consider the Happy app your personal stopwatch for any-hour-happy-hour at select bars in your favorite hoods from the East Village and LES to Williamsburg and Fort Greene. Just open the app, check-in to the bar and hit the “start” button for discounted beverages. #happyanyhour



10. Exit Strategy NYC

How frustrating is it when you end up picking the subway car that’s furthest from the exit or transfer you need to make? Exit Strategy is here to the rescue. This genius app tells you exactly where on the platform you should board the train.

I hope this list has been helpful. Some more dope apps include: Roomi, Smacktive, Cover and Blockfeed. If you haven’t downloaded a single app after reading this post I assume you like to make life harder on yourself, but that’s on you sucka!

Until next time…

Xo, Broke & Bothered

5 Types of Subway Riders We All Love to Hate

If you work, go to school or just straight up live in NYC, the subway isn’t just your typical transportation system, it’s a way of life.


The MTA and I have a sort of love-hate relationship. We need one another, but I can certainly do without its obnoxious and inconsiderate riders. Yeah it’s cheap (depending on how many times a day you take the damn thing), but I could certainly do without the horrible, rat-infested deathtrap of homeless feces and trash that lingers below the busy streets.


Once you step foot into the city’s underworld only one thing is certain; nothing will prepare you for some of the ratchet people you will come into contact with on your innocent ride home from work. Examples are as follows…ENJOY.

  1. The Pole Hoggers

Butt1Feels nice and relaxing to lean on that pole and have it all to yourself, eh? Well, just as you shouldn’t take up more than one seat on a crowded subway, you shouldn’t take up more than one hand placement on a subway pole. Isn’t this common sense?! Well, if I learned anything throughout my 20-something years in existence, it’s that common sense IS NOT very common. Share the effing pole people!

2. The Last Minute Squeezers


There’s honestly nothing worse then waiting at the train station for an extra 5 minutes because people keep piling in when the doors are closing on them. Better yet, it’s your 9am commute, AKA Worst Time of Your Life, and when you think you couldn’t be more on top of the person next to you, surprise surprise, the last minute squeezers hold the doors open enough to push there way through, leaving you to lean on other people to balance yourself cause lord knows you won’t ever reach a pole.

3. The Backpacker

campingI can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the subway and some prick has a backpack full of god knows what that sticks out a good 3 feet behind them and they’ll unknowingly swing it around and hit people with it. I always wondered where I got random bruises from…put that sh*t on the floor will you?! And no, don’t put it in the seat next to you. K thanks.

4. The One That Won’t Move to the Middle of the Train


If you walk into a subway car with 10 or so people waiting behind you and you stand by the door instead of moving towards the middle of the car, YOU are the bane of my existence.

How to not suck: unless you are the last person to get onto the train at that stop, move to the middle of the train so people don’t need to maneuver around your dumb a$$.

5. The Impatient A-holes


These creatures are beyond the worst. Something that seems so obvious goes right over all of these peoples heads. When a train pulls up to the station, LET PEOPLE EXIT BEFORE YOU START ENTERING THE SUBWAY. Is it that difficult? Holy hell.

And my final thoughts on this topic:



Read this to see what your subway style says about you.

And if you’re feeling frisky, join Improv Everywhere for the No Pants Subway Ride 2016 this January 10th in NYC…#holler

Xo, Broke & Bothered

How Us Gals Really Feel About Catcallers

Living in NYC, especially as a woman, means you’ve probably had some truly disgusting comments thrown your way. And living in a place where you’re forced to walk, subway, or bus it almost anywhere you go, it’s nearly impossible to steer clear of unnecessary and disrespectful comments from construction workers and drug addicts roaming the streets, or the infamous cat caller on wheels (bike, skates, or in a car). Perfection.


It seems as if catcalling has become some type of competitive sport these days, with dedicated “waste of my time” asshats working overtime to make sure that women feel like they aren’t entitled to walk around city streets (or anywhere else for that matter) without hearing unsolicited comments about their appearance, sexual desirability, or whether they’d look prettier if they smiled.


If wearing a down coat in February makes you think that I’m seeking attention while walking home from work, you have some serious issues. I’ve heard it all. Everything from “Damn Mami, let me get some of that” and “That ass” to “Hey baby, lemme take you home tonight” and other ones that are way too foul to say, even for this blog. I don’t believe in violence (well, kinda), but honestly, I’d like to smack them upside the head and ask them how they’d feel if someone talked to their daughter like that. I don’t care what your “packing,” I’m NOT interested. k?

3eaef960-0c72-0133-45c2-0a2ca390b447Dear nice guys who just wanted to say hi, the a**holes ruined it for you. Try policing your friends and then maybe we can talk in hm, I don’t know, 5 years or so? #Thanks.

If a man wants to approach you and tell you how amazing you look, you deserve to be told in with respect. You’re not an animal, so there’s absolutely no reason why you should be getting treated like one. But for now, I suggest ignoring them all together. These sickos won’t stop and they don’t deserve the satisfaction of a response, so don’t even waste your energy. You’re sexy AF and the only person you need to be telling you that is YOU.


Stay safe out there ladies…

Xo, Broke & Bothered

9 No Money November Struggles Only Told Through GIFs

Unfortunately, No Money November is drawing to a close, but not to worry because Still in Debt December is right on the horizon. Just in time for the most joyous, money sucking holiday of them all.


If you’re reading this blog because your hoping for a cure to the broke bitch breakdown you’re currently having because NYC is so goddamn expensive, this probably isn’t the outlet for you. However, until we’re making it rain with hundreds, we have every right to vent our frustration. I figured the only way I could capture the real struggle of being broke in your twenties during the brink of the holidays is through GIFs, as it’s a lot more entertaining and a tad less depressing of a reality check. Let’s give it a try…

1. This is how you feel when the only reason you’re excited for Thanksgiving is because it’s probably the first real meal you’ll be consuming since the last time you visited home. Whoops.

Food first

2. When you realize all of the people you have to buy Christmas presents for this year…


3. When you start receiving cards and gifts from friends and family in the mail and a piece of you to dies inside because you know you’ll have to send them something in return to be polite.


4. When you hate people but need to save money so you make the trip out to the mall on Black Friday A.K.A. the day from hell, hoping to save money on gifts for your 15 cousins, 10 friends from school, 5 friends from home, uncles, aunts, mom, dad, brother, sister…are you ready to hurl just yet?


5. When you accidentally re-gift to the original gifter…(a silent exit is probably the most acceptable action at that point)


6. When your friends want to go out to dinner before the holiday break but you’re still reluctant to treat yourself…


7. When it feels like the ATM is mocking you.







8. When you see the prices on the Starbucks holiday drink menu and you’re thinking for that price the sh*t better be sprinkled with 24-carat gold sprinkles


9. And when you’re low key stressing because you realize your halfway through the year, graduating soon, still making minimum wage, student loan bills are going to start rolling in and you have no effing clue what you want to do with your life.


Many say that money doesn’t buy happiness, and I don’t know about you, but if I had more money I’d be a hell of a lot happier! But hey, as I always say, this too shall pass and one can only hope that as our age increases, so does the size of our wallets.

Until next time…

Xo, Broke & Bothered.